I’m Just A Big Kid

Really? Yeah, aren’t we all? We will randomly come across something that lights a little fire in us and makes us feel like ten year olds again.

So, obviously I’m writing because something has caught my eye. What, though? This.

A Street Fighter 2 handheld LCD game. I used to love these things to death when I was a kid, and I still remember one that I thought was awesome, a Flintstones game in which you had to avoid things that came at you on the road.

I don’t think I ever had the privilege of playing a handheld LCD fighting game though. This looks humourously bad and unplayable! I’ll be ordering this sucker shortly, so expect a Street Fighter 2 LCD review at the end of the month or around the start of July.

And yeah, it will be a video review. I mean come on, just look at it! The big kid in me is going to have a blast with this!

Unlike my Mushihime-sama video review which was recorded in Fraps and then had dialogue added later, this one will be done via digital camera as I actually play, so it should be fun! And hopefully I won’t sound so lame since I won’t be following a scripted review!

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