Analyzing Mortal Kombat 9

It has recently been confirmed that Mortal Kombat 9 will be shown at E3. Now I know, I could have spent my time writing about series that are more “appreciated” than Mortal Kombat, but this one has me really curious.

Ed Boon, the creative genius behind the MK series, has stated a few interesting facts about MK9, or has hinted at a few interesting things.

1. After the last MK title, Boon stated that MK9 would start fresh. Essentially it would be a reboot for the series.

2. According to Boon, MK9 will be the bloodiest, most violent MK to date. He has questioned whether or not they’re going to far, and they have been pressured to use the AO (adults only) rating rather than M (mature).

3. Boon’s Twitter profile pic says “MK9” and has a wolf head underneath. This could mean a few things. The return of animalities? Will each character have an animal transformation similar to Bloody Roar? Or is the plot very animal/nature-centric?

Supposedly the roster will be smaller than we’ve seen in the past few games, and that only a few characters would return. Scorpion and Sub-Zero are definite shoe-ins, but who else? In the female corner, we have Kitana and Sonya as high possibilities. In the male corner, Kano and Raiden await phone calls from Boon.

The fighting system is supposedly going to be different somehow. This can only be for the better. The past few MK games have had terribly clunky controls, and the fighting was not very fluid.

If Boon and company can nail the fighting system this time while including their most interesting characters, then this should be a decent fighter. It won’t be a revival like Street Fighter IV was, but it should at least do some good to the MK franchise.

However, given what SF4 did accomplish, I wouldn’t be surprised if Boon and his Warner Bros. gang try to emulate its success. Perhaps a return to 2D fighting? I wouldn’t be shocked at all if MK9 is fully 3D but played on a 2D plane.

Ed Boon, you have my attention.


(Uploaded at my YouTube channel, click to visit the video.)

What is this? New MK movie? Some kind of intro sequence for MK9? Whatever it is, it’s definitely an indication of what kind of direction Mortal Kombat may be going in.. And it’s a damn good one!

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