Super Street Fighter IV (Review)

“The best Street Fighter game. Ever.”

Let me just start by saying that Street Fighter isn’t my favourite fighting game series (that honour goes to Tekken) and I’ve never been “good” at it, just kind of passably average. Just because I would be crushed in a real life or online tournament does not mean that my opinion of the game is not valid though. I may not be Daigo Umehara, but I still know the game.

Super Street Fighter IV is, of course, the upgraded version of the original vanilla SF4. Super takes the original and rebalances a few characters while adding many new features, such as ten new characters, four additional stages, the return of bonus stages, and several online features.

For the uneducated, Super Street Fighter IV is fully 3D but played on a 2D plane. People like to call this 2.5D, but I prefer to just call it 3D. If it’s rendered in 3D, then it’s 3D to me.

I am not going to get into what the original SF4 added to the series, because this review is all about what Super adds. If you want to know what focus attacks are or who Crimson Viper is, then go to 1UP or IGN since I am assuming that you already played the original SF4.

First off, Super Street Fighter IV bolsters the original roster (which I found slightly lacking) by adding ten new characters, four from Street Fighter 3, two from the Street Fighter 2 series, and then two from the Alpha series. For the curious (and making my review appear longer) the new characters are Adon, Cody, Dee Jay, Dudley, Guy, Ibuki, Juri, Hakan, Makoto, and T. Hawk.

As a casual Street Fighter fan, I found that the controls in SSF4 were better, and specials were easier to pull off. Zangief’s ultra even became fairly easy for me to pull off when it had been next to impossible in the original SF4.

Trials were also made easier, and I found myself plowing through a few of them fairly easily and enjoying it, which is a sharp contrast to how much I hated the trials in the original SF4.

Sound effects aren’t anything special, nor are they anything that you haven’t heard before. The only thing that is well above average are a few voices. Hakan’s English voice actor steals the show for me, but I still like the English voices of Cammy and Zangief the most while Chun Li’s Japanese voice fits her character perfectly.

Super Street Fighter IV looks pretty good, and the new stages are a step ahead of anything in the original SF4. Solar Eclipse has proven to be a huge hit, as a lot of people opt to go to that stage online rather than selecting random.

Overall, SSF4 is basically the same package that we received last year, only more content has been added. It almost feels like an entirely new game in the franchise with the new additions, which is hardly a bad thing. It just goes to show you that the fourth game in the series is going to age very well. If you’re a Street Fighter fan or even just a fighting game fan in general, then you should definitely check this one out.

Final Score



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