Review Content Matters

I want to address something regarding how people interpret reviews. I have had no problems with my reviews and this deals more with the reviews written for professional sites such as Gamespot and IGN.

Why is it that so many people ignore the body of a review, the content, and only focus on the number at the end? As a review writer myself, I can say that the number is no more important than the body itself. In fact, the body of the review is more important because it tells you about the game.

So many times I see IGN reviewers being criticized for their reviews, and the people who are putting them down are only focusing on the review scores. Here is what I frequently see online on various forums.

“Did you see what IGN gave Blood Chickens 4? Only 8.8 out of 10! Are they saying that the game SUCKS? It deserves at least a 9 out of 10!”

These days, if a game that somebody is looking forward to receives anything lower than 9/10, they freak out. They ignore the body of the article that paints a wonderful, glowing picture for the game, and instead focus on the review score that is only 0.2 points away from being what they wanted it to be.

And since when did anything between 7 and 9 become bad? I see a lot of people trying to justify that 8 is only average now. What are these people on? 5 out of 10 is average. When you are halfway up the scale, you are in the middle. Middle is an average point. Above halfway is good. This is how it has always been. The same applies to when you are going somewhere. If you reach the halfway point, you are more than halfway there.

People whine that their favourite games don’t get at least a 9. They throw childish hissy fits if their games score 8.5 or below. They neglect to realize that the score isn’t some universally accepted number that all people must abide by. It is one person’s opinion. To disagree and say that you would score a game higher is okay, but to get upset and declare that the reviewer should have scored a game higher or lower is ridiculous. They are scoring it according to how much they enjoyed it, not how much you did. The score is not the entire review, so read reviews from start to finish and focus on what the reviewer is saying, not what numbers they are pulling out of the air! This includes my reviews. They are my own opinion. Don’t like the numerical scores I give them? Fine, don’t. They don’t even have as much weight as large sites since I’m not a professional reviewer. If you want to know how a game works though, then READ the BODIES of my review! I guarantee that, even if I like a game immensely, I’ll nit pick if I’m able to.

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