WoW Maintenance Day

As a casual World of Warcraft player, I am aware that today, like all Tuesdays before this, is maintenance day. Thankfully these days do not affect me, since I am at work for the entire duration of the maintenance period!

I am, however, aware that there are some people who probably feel like part of them dies when they can’t play due to maintenance. I won’t get into how unhealthy it may be to feel that way, but I will list some things that fill the void quite well!

1. Watch a movie or two, especially old classics you’ve never seen. I’m 24 and just watched the first Rocky a few days ago! I’m enjoying the series quite a lot. Just because movies are old does not mean they don’t deserve your attention. Go watch the classics. I’ll say it again in case anyone else has not seen them, but the Rocky movies are really, really awesome. Why did I wait this long to watch them?

2. If you can’t think of anything better to do, then bug some friends. Whether it’s online or offline, it doesn’t hurt to talk to them and keep in touch so that they are aware that you’re still alive. Try it out, it’s fun. I like to randomly message my friends with random lines about really irrelevant things, like what I saw a cat do or why I need to buy a tripod. I can sense the confusion and lack of interest on their part, but that’s what makes it fun, oddly enough! Just talk to your friends.

3. Have a pet? Take them for a walk, play with them, feed them, whatever. If you have a cat, take a nap with them. If it’s a dog that tickles your fancy, then take them for a nice walk around town. There is nothing better to tear you away from an MMORPG than the love of an animal, because they depend on you so much….. Kind of like how you depend on the MMORPG. Hmm, this is actually a rather interesting revelation!

4. Learn to do something new. Of course, there’s no need to go crazy. Just do something new that you’re unfamiliar with. Try cooking something new (or cooking at all!), or look for something to do outside. Some kind of yard work perhaps? If there’s some wood laying around, build a little craft. WoW maintenance takes eight hours or so. I used to make bird houses in shop class in perhaps half that time. Go do something.

5. If there’s really nothing at all that you can do that’s productive, then I don’t know, play another game? Check out something I’ve mentioned on here. Why not Warning Forever? Nothing beats a game in which the bosses adapt to your tactics. Let’s see the Lich King do that! (He won’t.)

If you’re really stuck and can’t do any of these things, then get your WoW buddies to add you on MSN or something. If you can’t journey across Azeroth with them, then at least you’ll be able to play Minesweeper together.

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