Old Gaming Commercials

When I stop and look at commercials for modern day video games, they’re pretty well done! However, things haven’t always been the way they are now. Watch the following old commercials for proof.

Wow. Look at the nerd in this video. Sure, most gamers are nerds, but look at this punk. He has to push his glasses up TWICE!

This commercial is actually kind of awesome, but it’s also remarkably pointless.

They tried a little to hard to make it look like the games were real or.. I don’t know. Why are they coming out of the TV again?

Talk about going over the top. I’m glad that my Game Genie never blew up my TV.

They almost make Mario 2 look like it’s supposed to be scary with those strange camera shots. Can it get any worse?

Oh yeah. It got a lot worse.

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