Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (Review)

“A remake that takes the original and stomps it into the ground.”

I’m a fickle Mega Man fan. I was a huge fan of Mega Man and Mega Man 2, but then never truly enjoyed another until Mega Man X4. I greatly loved X5 and X6 as well, but these five are, for the most part, the only Mega Man games that I will lovingly play. Mega Man 9 and 10 were released recently, and I will admit that they come close to being loved as well, but they just narrowly miss out.

I decided, on a whim of course, to download Mega Man Maverick Hunter X off of the Playstation Store. I was never too fond of the original Mega Man X, believing it to be a very mediocre attempt to redefine Mega Man. I found the original on the SNES to be, dare I say it, boring. This is why I was very surprised to find that Maverick Hunter X was quite fun!

Perhaps there was just something fun about playing an upgraded version of an old game, but I really enjoyed myself. The atmosphere was the same as it had been on the SNES, complete with remastered music and glorious 3D robots. For a PSP platformer, it looks and sounds quite nice. In fact, it looks so nice that I wouldn’t be upset if it found it’s way onto the Playstation 3’s store. Since I play my PSP games on a TV, I am able to see many more fine details, and this game is certainly pretty enough to be a console platformer.

The gameplay feels like it may be easier as a whole. With the exception of only a few spots, I found Maverick Hunter X to be a breeze. I remember being challenged quite a lot by the original SNES version years ago, and even recently when I replayed it.

There’s not a lot to say about this game because it is, literally, the same old Mega Man X only with a few revisions. It’s worth noting that there are some goodies available for you after you complete the game, which adds a bit of life to an already fantastic PSP game.

If you like Mega Man or even just platformers in general, this one is worth your attention.

Final Score



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