Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (Review)

“It’s terrible and deserves the lowest score possible, but still has one redeeming quality.”

If I could write a really long and detailed review of Big Rigs, I would. Unfortunately, the game is nothing but a shell of a game and is hardly even worth anyone’s time. It is my honest opinion that this was never meant to be a legit game. The product is just so terrible that I believe Stellar Stone threw this game out into the retail world just to troll game buyers. I wonder how many mothers or grandmothers picked this up for their young child’s birthday, or perhaps as a stocking stuffer for Christmas, believing that they were doing good by buying their child a quality computer game?

Gameplay in this clever troll game does not exist beyond the menus. Click on them and have fun, but they won’t matter much in the long run. Once you choose your truck and your track, really all there is to do is drive around through the scenery, which your truck clips through. Yes, everything you see on your monitor can be driven through. The fact that the AI doesn’t even work makes racing pointless as well, so the only amusing thing to do is reverse your truck in circles which for some reason causes the truck to spin around at warp speeds. This is the extent of the gameplay.

For a game that has no function or purpose, the graphics aren’t bad. To be honest, it actually looks like it may have been an early PS2 game, which is a huge compliment to this game. The menus are terrible though, looking like something out of a 1997 game in the bargain bin down at the local convenience store. Users who are decent in MSPaint could replicate the game’s menus.

If you want music and sound in your game, then look elsewhere. This game doesn’t have any. I’ve read that there is one audio track but, predictably, it didn’t play for me at any moment. I had to have music playing in iTunes while playing Big Rigs, because the eerie silence was too depressing.

There is little reason to play this game other than to get a few cheap laughs for five minutes, and unless you are horribly bored with absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do, you’ll probably never play it again except to show friends.

Play it for a few giggles, but don’t expect much else. After all, I’m sure that Stellar Stone will be laughing along with you, especially if you actually bought this game.

Final Score



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